This LED Light Shirt was designed by me, and is controlled by an Android App also written by me. It was first worn at a 2011 Ann Arbor Halloween party, and if you’re lucky you might see me biking around town wearing it! The shirt was also presented at the 2012 Maker Faire:Detroit external link .

I have release the Android and AVR source code to the open source community under the GPL V3 external link license. The hardware is documented at Make:Projects external link .

The Video

Source Code

Android-Controlled LED Light Shirt @ GitHub external link

Hardware Documentation:

Android-Controlled LED Light Shirt @ Make:Projects external link


Book Chapters, Dissertations, and Technical Reports

Find online M. B. Kane , "Systems and methods to wirelessly control illumination characteristics of wearable items," U.S. Patent Application (abandoned) 14/062499, Oct, 26, 2012